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Eros craters

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Eros appears to be a single solid, homogenous mass of silicate rock similar in composition to chondrite meteorites. The fact that it is homogeneous no blobs of dense material like metal in its interior suggests that this asteroid has never undergone differentiation to form a core-mantle-crust system. The irregular shape suggests that it was once part of a large body that was blasted apart by a collision at some time in the distant past. The surface is covered with a layer of broken up rock regolith ranging in size from powder to meter boulders photo above. In places this 'soft' layer may be as thick as a story building! Large craters are abundant, but small ones are much less common than expected small impacts should be more common than large ones.

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It's a part of the Asteroid Belt , but its called a "Mars-Crosser" because its orbit crosses the orbit of Mars. Eros has been compared to the shape of a lumpy potato. A very large lumpy potato that would wipe out all but the simplest forms of life on Earth if it hit it. Eros is the site of "Eros Station", a space station that was one of the first sites of human colonization, and which by the time of Leviathan Wakes supports a population of one and a half million humans a little more than Ceres had in visitors at any given time. Roughly the shape of a potato, it had been much more difficult to spin up, and its surface velocity was considerably higher than Ceres' for the same internal g.

Astronomers say they have determined a single gigantic meteoroid erased most small craters from 40 percent of the surface of asteroid Eros. Writing in this week's issue of Nature , researchers Peter Thomas of Cornell University and Mark Robinson of Northwestern University said they used data gathered in from the NEAR-Shoemaker spacecraft, which mapped the mile-long asteroid in detail. They argue that vibrations from the collision shook the asteroid enough to collapse smaller craters. And that, they said, suggests Eros has a relatively homogeneous interior that transmits seismic shocks efficiently.
Impact cratering both produces new regolith and causes seismic events that can degrade and erase small craters on the surface of asteroids, a paper by Planetary Science Institute Senior Scientist James Richardson says. The impact of small bodies hitting an asteroid pulverizes its surface, making new regolith, while seismic shaking produced by the impact causes older regolith to move downhill and fill already existing craters, according to "Impact-produced seismic shaking and regolith growth on asteroids Eros, Steins, and Itokawa" appearing in Icarus. Using this model, the team was able to reproduce the cratering record and regolith layer of 17 kilometer diameter asteroid Eros, including its paucity of small craters less than meters in diameter; the heavily softened cratering record and regolith layer of 5 kilometer diameter asteroid Steins, including its paucity of craters less than meters in diameter; and the extremely subdued cratering record of 0. More from Astronomy and Astrophysics. Your feedback will go directly to Science X editors.

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